Ways to speed up your metabolic rate

Metabolic rate depends on several factors including age, sex, body composition, height, weight and other genetic as well as external and internal factors. Here are some of the proven ways to speed up your metabolic rate.

Build lean muscle mass:

There is nothing as good as building lean muscle mass with the help of strength training to give metabolism a push. The more you build lean muscle mass, the higher will be your metabolic rate. Push-ups, squats, simple bicep curls or triceps pulls are great strength training exercises to accomplish this job. You could do these exercises 3 to 4 times a week; and you will experience a boost in your metabolic rate as well as a good-looking body.

Stop all crash dieting programs:

Drastically reducing food intake sends an opposite signal to your body’s metabolism. The moment it realizes that food is in limited or short supply, it slows down metabolism to conserve more energy. What happens later is that even when your resume your normal diet, the metabolic rate will still be low as it is still conserving energy and creating unnecessary pounds for accumulation later.

The golden rule is to never cut calories by more than 500 calories per day and never less than 1200 calories total each day. After you have calculated your total calorie intake per day, divide this total amount into six small meals/snacks which you can then have through out the day.

Have a protein-rich diet:

Most renowned dieticians agree that protein stabilizes the process of insulin secretion, which can affect metabolism. The ideal amount of protein which should be included in your daily diet should be a minimum of 70 grams per day. This amount can also go higher.

Engage in physical activity:

Make physical movement a habit. Remember, the more you move about the more calories you burn.  This can involve using the staircase instead of the elevator, parking your car at a distance and then walking to your place of work, walking around and doing window-shopping, walking the dog every morning or evening, house cleaning, or any such activity which involve walking about and remaining physically active.

Walking is one of the most frequently recommended physical exercises of all time. Especially if you take evening walks, it can help you boost your metabolism, as it slows down for many people towards the evening.

Even a 30-minute aerobic workout before dinner can elevate your metabolic rate and keep it in that high state for about 2 to 3 hours. This means that the calories you consume during dinner will have a lesser chance of accumulating in your body.

If you do these minor changes in your working pattern, and spend time doing such activities for even 20 minutes a day, you can actually burn about 100 calories per day. If you increase your activities and spend more time being physically active, you can expect to burn more calories.

Bert Colijn
Internet Affiliate Marketer